Sunday, 20 February 2011

So this week began with Valentines Day. Much like other people, I'm not too fussed about Valentines but it is nice. Being unemployed I didn't have much money to get my beau anything so I spent £5 on this photo cube that rotates. I ordered it like a week ago and it is still to arrive, not happy! I also made him love heart shaped brownies which he proceeded to munch, I manged to get a photo of the last one before he demolished them: 
His Card.

I love getting flowers.

He got me flowers and a little teddy type thing. He also took me out for lunch. Nowhere fancy, Frankie and Bennys to make the most of their 3 course £8.99 deal. We sure know how to live large eh? It was super nice and the only downer was the weather! We had planned to go see a movie but the cinema was packed and almost every movie was sold out so we abandoned that idea and headed home. Had a nice wee chilled night watching TV. We are both addicted to the new Sky Atlantic tv channel. How sad, eh? There are some awesome new shows on and some old favourites like the XFiles. I was so happy to see they were starting it from the start and when I tuned in one day it happened to be the first episode I had eve seen when I was younger.

The rest of the week didn't consist of much. The other day I decided I would go for a walk and get some Snapple. (If you've never had/heard of Snapple - google it! Readily available in the States but not so much over here) The place that sells it is a wee cafe the next town over, which happens to be exactly 3 miles from my house. Google maps has it's uses. So off I toddled, it took me an hour to get there, I got stuck in a dead end where the ferry is and had to double back, it was raining but I finally got my Snapple. It was totally worth it. On the way back I tweaked my leg and was almost crawling back. That night and the next day I could barely move without it hurting. My mum said I might have pulled something, I put it down to be completely unfit to the point my "muscles" were punishing me for making them work. 

Yesterday I got to see my besto and go shopping to get her a dress for her dads wedding. Saturday + Glasgow + shopping = NIGHTMARE. So many rude people pushing past and too many bratty children for my liking. After a trip to Topshop, debenhams and then back to Topshop we had a winner. Picked by me because I'm just awesome, ha! I think when someone in stressing to get a dress they are too busy panicking to actually looking around, that's what buds are for :). Some new heels and accessories later we were off to MAC for me to spoil myself as I had a mysterious payment from my old job at Amazon of £150. It must have been overdue wages or something but I wasn't complaining. 
I got the following:
Everybody needs a pencil sharpner

Pinch O' Peach

I yet to try my two products out mainly because my skin is playing havoc with me just now. I mentioned in a previous post about having Eczema. I don't have it very severe any more but it still shows its head regularly and when it does, it does it painfully! Over the years I have used 80% of all steroid creams (these actually damage your skin) and all the available moisturisers which have zero ingredients. I not the person you can go out and try a new nice smelling moisturisers nor can I use regular soap. I get both of those items prescribed which is a little annoying. I can only use one type of Shampoo and Conditioner - Herbal Essences. I can also only use one brand of make-up. MAC. 
You will more than likley only ever see me buy MAC products and that's because I've tried every other affordable brand out there and they just cause me pain! I'm starting to think the Sephora compact Ayden gave to me is the cause of my irritated eyes and skin. Hmmph.

This week I'm having a day to the movies with my beau tomorrow and applying for more jobs. Fun! I'm also hoping to catch my friend Rhyan before be moves down to Wales. 

L x

Friday, 11 February 2011

So this week has been a quiet week, as usual! I had an interview for Costa Coffee this week which I think went well. The only problem with this job is that it is only 16 hours per week and it's not really what I want to do. I did apply for an awesome job today "Graduate IT Helpdesk Analyst". That is basically what I want to do as my career, IT helpdesk, web helpdesk etc. Definitely trying to get my career started. 
When I was at my beaus house the other night (Monday) I left my purse and house keys. So this week I've pretty much been unable to go out as I can't lock the door and I have no money. Always good eh? 

I have a question for all you little 'uns out there. WHAT DO YOU WEAR TO A WEDDING?! Not just any wedding, your Dads wedding and not just anywhere but in Spain. I never know what sort of dressed to pick. The wedding itself isn't until May but I reckon I better start early or else I'll end up wearing a bin bag!

Monday, 7 February 2011

About me.....

So I thought I'd follow in the footsteps of Sometimes Sweet and do a sort of "about me". I'm usually horrible that these as I'm never sure what to write. 30 bullet points though seem do-able so here goes!

1. I was born in Neuchatel, Switzerland.

2. Both of my sisters have middle names but I don't. They were also christened and I wasn't!

3. My dad lives in Malahide, Ireland and I consider this my second home!

4. I was born with Eczema which is a horrible thing to live with.

5. I once shaved of my eyebrows and cut my own fringe to "make a statement", this was documented with a school picture which I had tried to remove from my household many times.

6. I was seeing my boyfriend for 2 and a 1/2 months and he bought me a Tiffany necklace for Valentines Day. I have worn said necklace every day since. That's 2 years this Monday!

7. I have sprained both of my ankles. They were sprained a year apart pretty much to the day, freaky!

8. I started to get  my ribs tattooed when I was in Canada in 2007. We didn't have enough time in the shop to get it done so I went to the guys house. I ended up getting drunk and passed out. Definitely not my classiest of moments.

9. Said tattoo cost me over £600 and it was worth every penny.

10. The only Disney World I've left to visit is the one in Japan.

11. I totalled my first car.

12. My first proper kiss was when I was 15 with a boy called Michael.

13. I'm allergic to seafood.

14. Greys Anatomy is my favourite TV show. McDreamy and McSteamy, what more could you want?

15. Barry M is my go to brand for nail polish.

16. The first gig I went to was Greenday on my 14th birthday at Wembley, 17th July 2002.

17. I have two nieces who are the best little girls around.

18. I used to be obsessed with Disney. I had Disney EVERYTHING right down to the Little Mermaid shoes.

19. I bought my first pair of heels when I was 17 and the only reason I bought them was because I was forced to.

20. When I was younger I got chicken pox and scratched one pox above my eye and I now have a scar. I wonder everyday what I would look like without the scar.

21. I was diagnosed with MRKH when I was 20 after 3 years of tests. In my case, it means I can't carry children. It was the most devastating thing ever to be told.

22. I don't like eating beef that isn't minced.

23. When I was younger I used to have a scooter that I would ride to the bottom of my hill. I used to skin my chin all the time. It was never healed for more than a couple of weeks.

24. My family and I used to live in an old Victorian house with the most amazing bannister which I used to love sliding down.

25. When I get married I want to walk down the isle to "To Build A Home" by The Cinematic Orchestra.

26. I only have two good friends, Ayden and Louise. I prefer to have a few very close friends than loads of distant friends.

27. I one day want to be covered in tattoos.

28. My hair is naturally dark brown and straight. I tend to dye it darker and straighten it with GHD's

29. I love Tiffany Jewellery and feel that every girl should be treated to a piece of Tiffany once in their life.

30. My favourite band is Deftones but I hold a soft spot for A Day To Remember and Alexisonfire.

Saturday, 5 February 2011

Bands, Baking and Best Friends.

So this week started with me going to see one my favourite bands, A Day To Remember. It was supposed to be the Friday before but the band got stuck in the US. 
This was the highlight on my whole night, if you watch the video(not my video) you'll hear that they hardly ever play this song overseas. It was truly an awesome night, I sung my heart out and danced like an idiot. I saw quite a few unsavoury people that I avoided like the plague. There also seemed to be so many girls with ridiculously short skirts and suspenders. I'm just not into the Taylor Momsen trashy look.
Tuesday rolled around and it was time for my interview for Tesco Bank. I'm usually nervous but I wasn't for that. The interview was alright but you'd think if they were interviewing in February you'd be started by March if you got the job, right? Not here, their "expected" start date was sometime in June, JUNE! Thats 5 months away, people would have probably forgotten they were even offered job. I was highly unimpressed with this and jumped back onto the job search bandwagon. I do have another interview for Costa Coffee next week which I really want but other than that my job search is going pants - you need to be qualified to be a cleaner these days.  Interesting.
Thursday rolled along and I headed to Aydens to chill out and bake! Ayden used to like like 20 mins away from me but then when her and David moved in they also moved to the other side of Glasgow, a whole hour away. Sad Times! Anyway, I managed to make my way there and I was treated to a nice wee lunch. Then the baking started. I find baking very theraputic but it can easily effect ones waistline which is never good! 
Now for a few pictures to show you the timeline!

She is such a muncher!

You can't go to the Millar household and not get a picture with the moustache mug!

I had an awesome little day. It took my mind off of my stresses! Although when I was through there the weather was horrendous! Heavy rain and very strong winds. Driving home in that plus rush hour traffic is not a good mix!
Ayden also kindly donated this to me

I've yet to try it out because I've been letting my skin "breathe" but I'm looking forward to using it!
This weekend I don't have many plans. Movie fest tonight with my other half and I have his nephews Baptism tomorrow.
So bloggers, I think it's time I got to know some of you! Who is your favourite band/singer? What's your favourite thing to bake? Tell me anything about yourselfs! 

L x