Saturday, 5 February 2011

Bands, Baking and Best Friends.

So this week started with me going to see one my favourite bands, A Day To Remember. It was supposed to be the Friday before but the band got stuck in the US. 
This was the highlight on my whole night, if you watch the video(not my video) you'll hear that they hardly ever play this song overseas. It was truly an awesome night, I sung my heart out and danced like an idiot. I saw quite a few unsavoury people that I avoided like the plague. There also seemed to be so many girls with ridiculously short skirts and suspenders. I'm just not into the Taylor Momsen trashy look.
Tuesday rolled around and it was time for my interview for Tesco Bank. I'm usually nervous but I wasn't for that. The interview was alright but you'd think if they were interviewing in February you'd be started by March if you got the job, right? Not here, their "expected" start date was sometime in June, JUNE! Thats 5 months away, people would have probably forgotten they were even offered job. I was highly unimpressed with this and jumped back onto the job search bandwagon. I do have another interview for Costa Coffee next week which I really want but other than that my job search is going pants - you need to be qualified to be a cleaner these days.  Interesting.
Thursday rolled along and I headed to Aydens to chill out and bake! Ayden used to like like 20 mins away from me but then when her and David moved in they also moved to the other side of Glasgow, a whole hour away. Sad Times! Anyway, I managed to make my way there and I was treated to a nice wee lunch. Then the baking started. I find baking very theraputic but it can easily effect ones waistline which is never good! 
Now for a few pictures to show you the timeline!

She is such a muncher!

You can't go to the Millar household and not get a picture with the moustache mug!

I had an awesome little day. It took my mind off of my stresses! Although when I was through there the weather was horrendous! Heavy rain and very strong winds. Driving home in that plus rush hour traffic is not a good mix!
Ayden also kindly donated this to me

I've yet to try it out because I've been letting my skin "breathe" but I'm looking forward to using it!
This weekend I don't have many plans. Movie fest tonight with my other half and I have his nephews Baptism tomorrow.
So bloggers, I think it's time I got to know some of you! Who is your favourite band/singer? What's your favourite thing to bake? Tell me anything about yourselfs! 

L x

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Anonymous said...

I love A Day to Remember, you're so lucky! Homesick has to be my favourite album.
My favourite band changes all the time, but just now it's Coheed and Cambria, met them in June at their glasgow gig and it was amazing!

It looks like you guys made some awesome cupcakes :) I really hope the job search picks up for you soon, and good luck with the costa interview x

Leah said...

That is such an awesome CD, they are amazing live! Coheed and Cambria were never a band I really listened to until their newest CD which I think is awesome!
Thank for your good wishes, I hope you're good! :) x

R. said...

Lol, I love the mug :p

check out my blog and if you like it please subscribe :)


ÓleoyLetras said...

i love this mug and those cakes looks very delicious

Ayden said...

I was nodding in agreement all the way down this post *WAVES AT MYSELF BEING A GREEDY COW* Thank you for coming all the way to visit me and such a nice wee day <3 I had a massive nap earlier and felt so rubbish after it, sorry I havent text you back yet! I thought id comment on this incase you were asleep but since youre at marcos I'm thinking youre probs not, ya wee night owl ;) will text you tomorrow. lots of loooove xx

ps. look forward to seeing what you do with the eyeshadow pallete :) xx