Saturday, 8 January 2011

Wow, so thanks to my besto Ayden's promotion I've went from having 1 follower (Ayden) to 6 to 14! So hello to you all. I'm Leah, I'm 22 and reside in a wee town on the Clyde called Greenock. I hope you enjoy my blog. I don't really have a theme, just my general everyday life and goings on. There will possibly be a few pictures semi naked tattooed ladies and all about my quest of trying new Teas. 

Back to my life. Yesterday I had to go to the job centre and "sign on". I guess you can look at it two ways, 1. you work your ass off for so many years paying taxes so others can live - so at some point you're deserving of it 2. It's completely soul destroying (well for me). I'm not saying there's anything wrong with it and i'm most definitely not a snob but it just dented my pride.When I got to the job centre the security guard at the door ased what I was there for, directed me around the corner to some seating and before I walked off - warned me to keep an eye on my bag and belonging. What a way to welcome you eh? It's wasn't so bad and my advisor said that I looked really out of place and uncomfortable. Which I did. 
After words I went into Greenock of a quest to find a 2011 diary. Most of the diaries I saw were rather expensive and being unemploiyed I have to watch my pennies soI decided I wanted to decorate one myself. 
So I bought this bad boy for £4.50 from WHSmith.

I had some old magazines lying around so got some scissors and pulled out my artistic flare and had a big pile of things I though would look good.
After some composition struggles and some sticky fingers this was my final result:


The only thing that maybe ruined it was my lack of laminating skills. Sticky back plastic is my worst nightmare. It took me about 20 minutes to get it covered because I kept getting bits stuck together! I'm loving my diary because I know no one else is going to have it and elates me a little, also because it only cost me £4.50 because everything else I used was lying around my house. My next feat is to make sure I use it properly and be mega organised.

My plans for the rest of the weekend are applying for more jobs - 17 and counting so far, heading to my boyfriends to chill with pizza and a movie, shopping, dinner and movie date with said beau tomorrow and chilling on Monday because well, what else do I have to do?

I hope all you dudettes have an awesome weekend!

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Fashion Junkie said...

Loving the diary- it's completely gorgeous and I'm now thinking I may have to get me a new diary to decorate being as I don't have a 2011 one yet (shocking I know!).

Also looking forward to hearing about your Tea quest. My favourite so far is Apple Tea. I used to be able to get it really easily in Germany, but not so much here. It's yummy as is, or when you mix it with Earl Grey.

BeautyH2T said...

WELCOME TO BLOGGER! nice to 'meet' you. Aydens is one of my absolute fave blogs to read so excited to be following you now. I do love reading other scottish bloggers. Looking forward to your posts,


Ayden said...

^ Thanks girlie! :)

Aww Leah, I am also so excited about reading your bloggy posts too! So many folks are in the same position as yourself right now, so please dont be too hard on yourself :( I know you will get something soon m'love. I love what you did with the diary, you creative wee madam! Also, my tattoo is booked for sat 22nd... can you come with me? But if I only get a weeks worth of work (next week) I'm gonna call back on fri and see if my tues 18th slot is still there! Will keep you posted tho.

Cant wait to see your next blog :) hope youre having a nice weekend whatever youre upto xx

BeKylieDee said...

Love the diary!!

ÓleoyLetras said...

nice job :) i have a diary too but i had bought it, and i'm not very responsable writing in it jejeje... i like your blog, i'll follow you and i invite you to mine

Jazzy E (hivennn) said...

And now 24! So lovely. x hivennn.