Saturday, 23 April 2011

Back to the grind!

So, my luck changed a little and I finally got a job and I couldn't be more pleased with it! It's in a wee cafe in Clydebank called Colpi. I'm the "barista" and everyone is so amazed (their words) at how good I can make coffee. I didn't think it was that hard..... 
The owner Martin is a bit of an odd ball but hes really very nice! The whole staff who work there are all really friendly and I'm really enjoying it. It's not just because I have a job and I'm feeling more secure but I genuinely enjoy being a barista and making coffee! Even though I've only been there a week it feels like I've been there for ages which I reckon is always a good thing.

I bought a dress for my Dads wedding earlier on. It wasnt the original one I wanted from Coast as I realised I couldn't justify £90 for a dress I'll probably only wear once! So I chose this one

It's from Red Herring at Debenhams and it's very summery, not too dressy but not too casual either and very much my style! As it's Easter weekend this beauty was on sale from £45 down to £36 and it had pretty much sold out except from my size. I took that as a sign to get it.

Last weekend the weather was so nice that me and my other half went a trip to the beach! It was lovely and warm and I got a little bit of sun on my shoulders. 

Hopefully if it stays nice over the next couple of weeks we are going to take a picnic down to the beach and hang out all day! I love living close to the coast. 

As I'm off to Spain for a week at the end of May and can't afford to buy many items of clothing I was wondering if you lovely people could share with me a pattern to make a very simple elasticated bandeau dress? Even although my mum is a glorified dressmaker, has owned her own fabric store and has even made wedding dresses, she refuses to help me. It saddens me slightly because she would be awesome to show me!
Anyway, anything you can offer, throw it my way! 

Right now, The Prince of Persia has my attention and a cup of tea is calling my name so I'm calling it a night.

Until next time bloggerinos!

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Jetpacks Was Yes!

I've become addicted to a band called Periphery. Their self titled album is pretty amazing and the track "Jetpacks Was Yes!" is my favourite. I love listening to new bands and sometimes just find myself watching the tv channel Scuzz to see what new tracks they have to offer. One thing I do find though is the first track I hear and love becomes my favourite track on the CD. Other things I'm listening to at the moment are The Glitch Mob, M83, Anna Nalick and the song "Katy on a Mission" byt Katy B.  I really do have a varied taste in music.
I like to mix it up a little, ya know?

I've finally gave into Polyvore and I'm addicted. I managed to create a look for my Dads wedding which I'm pleased with.

The dress is from Coast and I love it! The shoes are from an american website but I might see if I can find similar ones here first and the bag is from House of Fraser. The jewelrry is from Tiffany and I have both of those items. Well, I will have the bracelet come my first paycheck. It will actually be my second one.
The story goes: My boyfriend and I went on a 3 week holiday around the US and Canada last year and our last week was spent in New York. He bought be said bracelet for my birthday (spoiled and lucky, I know!). Fast forward to October, I'm in Tesco getting some food for dinner and hear a "clink" sound which I think nothing of. After getting in my car and driving pretty much the all the way down to my boyfriends I realise the bracelet is gone. It was lost. I was gutted. My life pretty much went downhill from there, HA.
I feel I got lost on a tangent, back to my Polyvore and wedding outfit.

Do you have any suggestions for my wedding outfit?

I also made another one of my wishlist from Vans. I love Vans.
Back to reality. I actually got offered a job the other day doing something I hate. Working in a call centre, ugh. I suppose its a job and I can't really complain but while I'm waiting for a start date I'm still applying and interviewing for other positions!

I forgot to mention a little while ago that I bought MACs Wonder Woman Mascara in "Bad, Bad, Black".

To be perfectly honest, I'm a little disappointed. It's pretty much Opulash with different packaging. I had Opulash before and it's just not what I like in a mascara - clumpy! I think once this one is done, I'll be going back to Haute and Naughty!

I recently won an auction on Ebay for a Reko for Topshop dress with eiffel towers on it. I wanted it when it first came out but I couldn't justify the £45 quid it was. I reckon £15 quid on ebay is decent! 
The listing had said the owner had changed the buttons and when I got it through the posted, I hated them.

So I went to my local fabric store and bought some buttons and changed them.

I looks and fits so much better with 4 little buttons instead of 3 and I prefer it so much more. I like to put my little stamp on things!