Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Jetpacks Was Yes!

I've become addicted to a band called Periphery. Their self titled album is pretty amazing and the track "Jetpacks Was Yes!" is my favourite. I love listening to new bands and sometimes just find myself watching the tv channel Scuzz to see what new tracks they have to offer. One thing I do find though is the first track I hear and love becomes my favourite track on the CD. Other things I'm listening to at the moment are The Glitch Mob, M83, Anna Nalick and the song "Katy on a Mission" byt Katy B.  I really do have a varied taste in music.
I like to mix it up a little, ya know?

I've finally gave into Polyvore and I'm addicted. I managed to create a look for my Dads wedding which I'm pleased with.

The dress is from Coast and I love it! The shoes are from an american website but I might see if I can find similar ones here first and the bag is from House of Fraser. The jewelrry is from Tiffany and I have both of those items. Well, I will have the bracelet come my first paycheck. It will actually be my second one.
The story goes: My boyfriend and I went on a 3 week holiday around the US and Canada last year and our last week was spent in New York. He bought be said bracelet for my birthday (spoiled and lucky, I know!). Fast forward to October, I'm in Tesco getting some food for dinner and hear a "clink" sound which I think nothing of. After getting in my car and driving pretty much the all the way down to my boyfriends I realise the bracelet is gone. It was lost. I was gutted. My life pretty much went downhill from there, HA.
I feel I got lost on a tangent, back to my Polyvore and wedding outfit.

Do you have any suggestions for my wedding outfit?

I also made another one of my wishlist from Vans. I love Vans.
Back to reality. I actually got offered a job the other day doing something I hate. Working in a call centre, ugh. I suppose its a job and I can't really complain but while I'm waiting for a start date I'm still applying and interviewing for other positions!

I forgot to mention a little while ago that I bought MACs Wonder Woman Mascara in "Bad, Bad, Black".

To be perfectly honest, I'm a little disappointed. It's pretty much Opulash with different packaging. I had Opulash before and it's just not what I like in a mascara - clumpy! I think once this one is done, I'll be going back to Haute and Naughty!

I recently won an auction on Ebay for a Reko for Topshop dress with eiffel towers on it. I wanted it when it first came out but I couldn't justify the £45 quid it was. I reckon £15 quid on ebay is decent! 
The listing had said the owner had changed the buttons and when I got it through the posted, I hated them.

So I went to my local fabric store and bought some buttons and changed them.

I looks and fits so much better with 4 little buttons instead of 3 and I prefer it so much more. I like to put my little stamp on things!

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Winny. said...

the shoes are BEAUTIFUL <3

Ayden said...

I'm still so gutted about your T bracelet missus :( haha. And your buttons are looking brill btw! Aaaand that sucks the WW mascara was nae good :( did I tell you my WW blusher has just decided to depot itsself? GREAT! Cant wait for a catch up latersss xx


ebay is the best right!!! i love Reko... for topshop they have some retro fab ... clothes and the dresses r amazing!!