Wednesday, 30 March 2011

My week in pictures!

I love some Seasonal M&Ms

I thought I'd be nice and buy my other half a nice wee treat as he collects Victorinox Knives.

My good friend Louise has her first sweetie jar in her first we home.

Picking Tartan with my Dad and soon to be Step-mum for his kilt for his wedding. We settled on Robertson, it's good to keep it in the family!

Buying this little lady from a graphic artisit.

I've wanted these Raybans for so long and my other half surprised me with them. I do have the best boyfriend.

Delicious and healthy dinners.

My sister becoming a qualified Air Traffic Controller with the RAF.

Organising my life and dusting off the ol' Ipod

Preparing myself for job interviews!

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Fix The Web!

Well, it appears I'm STILL struggling to get into the habit of blogging. I have the mentality of "If i'm bored of my life, others will be too" so I'm not bothered as of late!
This week I've been applying for jobs like there's no tomorrow, having and getting knocked back from interviews and having a few days where I just want to up and leave.
3 months today I have officially unemployed and it is terrible. I don't know how people live their entire lives without having jobs, I'm starting to go mental!
On a positive note, I've started volunteering for Fix The Web ( It's pretty up my street and I'm excited to get stuck in. You don't have to have great in-depth knowledge of computers or websites but some basic knowledge helps! Head on over and check them out and volunteer! You can help out from the comfort of the couch at home!

In other news, my Dad is coming over on Friday to buy his Kilt for his wedding. I have a feeling I'm going to be very emotional seeing him try them on. I'm your typical "Daddys Girl".

I need  your help fellow bloggers,  my music collection as of late is getting dusty and I'm looking for inspiration to listen to new bands! I'll listen to anything once but my favourite types of music are puck rock, pop rock, hardcore, screamo etc. Pretty much anything you would see on the Scuzz music channel!
Help a sister out!

Friday, 4 March 2011

On the edge of night.....

Well hello bloggers, it's been a while eh? I've still not managed to get into a routine of blogging and I'm feeling that because I don't have a job right now I don't have very much to report.
Over the last 2 weeks I've spent more money than I should have.
The Valentines gift I got for my other half FINALLY came, 2 weeks after I had ordered it. I chose all the pictures and spent a couple of minutes putting all the pictures in and when I have it to my boyfriend he was elated! Said it was awesome (He's easily pleased).
There was 4 other pictures obviously and I was super annoyed when I got the picture of us over looking Central Park in New York because my face had been cut off! Must have been the size of photo I had picked. (Those two cuties on the left are my Nieces, best little girls around).

My sister came home last week for a couple of days and it was so good to spend some time with her. We went to dinner and a movie and we saw Morning Glory. I have never laughed so hard a film in such a long time. It was amazing! I have a but of a soft spot for Harrison Ford anyway!

I had an  Ebay clear out not too long ago and made a whopping £65 quid! So I felt the need to buy myself some goodies!


I decided to be brave when shopping and getting out of my usual colour palette. My usual colours are black, white, grey, purple and pink. So I reckon I did well and I feel very comfortable and better about myself in my new clothes! I also bought some more Barry M in Mushroom. I really like this colour as again, it's different to my usual palette. Boy, I'm growing up!

Tuesday I had a day out with my other half which was nice, we went shopping and he got lots of nice things from TK MAXX. A Polo Ralph Lauren poloshirt and hoodie and a pair of Osiris shoes all for £100. TK Maxx is pretty awesome sometimes. He was feeling generous and decided to buy me a little something I'd bee after for a while

I'm in love with Vans. They are my "go to" brand for shoes. I love these ones on, very much my style. He also bought me some Fenchurch socks. I do enjoy a little Fenchurch because their packaging of things is always awesome. They were also only £3 so it was a bargain and a bit! I then treated him to some lunch in Tinderbox

It was a lovely afternoon and we went to the movies which was also good.

Yesterday was road trip time. I went with my friend Ayden to view some flats in the area she may be moving to. The flats were very nice and were snapped up pretty quick but it gave me an insight of what I would be after when it comes my turn to be out in the big bag world! The trip there was questionable with a TomTom and roadworks but we made it there and home safe!

This morning I had a job interview for an Admin support position with a company in Greenock. I'm hoping I get it, not just because its a job and I need one because it's local and seems like an interesting job that I could do! We shall see though, keep your fingers and toes crossed for me eh?

This is me about 20 minutes ago. It's the first time in a while where I've been comfortable with the way I look. I look like I've just shaved the side of my head when infact its just pinned behind my ear!

L x