Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Fix The Web!

Well, it appears I'm STILL struggling to get into the habit of blogging. I have the mentality of "If i'm bored of my life, others will be too" so I'm not bothered as of late!
This week I've been applying for jobs like there's no tomorrow, having and getting knocked back from interviews and having a few days where I just want to up and leave.
3 months today I have officially unemployed and it is terrible. I don't know how people live their entire lives without having jobs, I'm starting to go mental!
On a positive note, I've started volunteering for Fix The Web ( It's pretty up my street and I'm excited to get stuck in. You don't have to have great in-depth knowledge of computers or websites but some basic knowledge helps! Head on over and check them out and volunteer! You can help out from the comfort of the couch at home!

In other news, my Dad is coming over on Friday to buy his Kilt for his wedding. I have a feeling I'm going to be very emotional seeing him try them on. I'm your typical "Daddys Girl".

I need  your help fellow bloggers,  my music collection as of late is getting dusty and I'm looking for inspiration to listen to new bands! I'll listen to anything once but my favourite types of music are puck rock, pop rock, hardcore, screamo etc. Pretty much anything you would see on the Scuzz music channel!
Help a sister out!

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Cher Dynamite said...

I know how you feel on the job front! I've been unemployed for 4 months, and it's awful! I got told I was on a reserve list for a job today, which basically means you passed the interview but we're not giving you a job. I'm no use on the music front, you probably already listen to anything I would suggest! I hope you get a jobs soon though xx

Ayden said...

Did I know this? I dont know if I did... so going to have a nosy at fix the web right now! :) I'm no good when it comes to music, you know that gal :( But I'll keep a nosy on this post for any suggestions as I'm needing a bit of musical inspiration too!

Hope youve had a good day today :) and fingers crossed the job stuff works out for you soon my love xxx

Jess said...

Aww lovely, it's always the case that when you need a job, it's so hard, but when you have a job there seems to be load available. Frustrating, but have faith, the right job for you is just round the corner. :)

As for music- I love a band from here in Aus called The Amity Affliction (they're from Brisbane -where I live) they're pretty awesome and another more hardcore band is Parkway Drive. I don't know who you already listen to but my fave bands are Dropkick Murphys, The Bronx and The Gaslight Anthem.

Now I've written half a novel, hope that helps lol. ♥
x x

BeYouAlways said...

Im also unemployed but have an interview tomorrow! Yay.

My two favourite bands are We are the ocean and Architects, but you probably know them anyway?

About to follow :) x