Friday, 29 July 2011

Birthday blues

Last Sunday was my 23rd birthday. I'm 23, oh dear. I feel like by now I should have something to show for my years, something substantial. Yeah, I've graduated Uni but do I have a job in that area? No. Yeah, I have a full time job but is it what I want to do for the rest of my life? No. Sure, I've travelled about, mainly Europe and North America but have I fully experienced being a girl on her own path? No.
Right now I'm feeling a little deflated with life as I feel like it's just zooming past me and I can't quite get up to speed with it to enjoy it.
Other than my depressing mood which accompanied my birthday I had a good day. I had wanted to have a birthday dinner with my mum and sister but that fell through. My sisters boyfriend had crashed his car so he wasn't in the mood and my mum had fell down a rabbit hole whilst playing Golf (no joke) plus my mums boyfriends sister-in-law had passed away a few days earlier so he wasn't in much of a mood either!
 My boyfriend and I went down to Largs for some ice cream and then just got a BluRay and a pizza and I was happy as larry. I was even surprised with a Hello Kitty birthday cake.
I got some awesome presents and I felt 100% spoiled.

The best thing I got came from Ayden and it was these beauties

They tasted mighty fine after I got over my initial "They are too pretty to eat" phase

Other than that I've just been working, seeing my boyfriend, catching up with old friends and trying to go to the gym. I've somehow managed to lose like 10 lbs which I reckon is a good thing and I'm on the path to healthyness!

Peace out! ;)